The 130lb Weight Loss Story: It Worked For Me & It Will Work For YOU!
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My Story
Overeating Food Lover with an Exercise Aversion Loses 130lbs Without Surgery!

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Remember. . .It Worked For Me!  It Can Work For YOU Too!

Taisha Hayes is a personal trainer and founder of the motivational weight loss website  Growing up with a love of food and aversion to exercise, Taisha weighed nearly 300 pounds by age 23.  Realizing she needed to make a change, Taisha lost 130 pounds without giving up her appreciation for food.  In the process she learned to love exercise and even became a personal trainer!  Taisha has maintained her weight loss for over six years and loves to share her secrets with the world.

Her philosophy is "It Worked For Me, And it Can Work For You Too!"


Deriving inspiration and information from both Dr. Oz and Oprah, Taisha devotes her life and career to supporting others who are struggling to lose weight.  Her website is a motivational weight loss resource that details her journey to shed 130 pounds and shares free tips, information, support and inspiration to others struggling with weight issues.  Taisha is an AFAA - Aerobics & Fitness Association of America Certified Personal Trainer with THayesFitness in Washington, DC and a proud member of Dr. Oz's Wellness Warriors.

My Story

 I’ve been overweight and/or obese for nearly all of my youth. I was the chubby one in grade school into junior high school, and as I put on more weight I became the obese girl through high school and college. I reached my largest weight during my sophomore year, when my dorm was far from campus and I began to walk less and use 4-RIDE (campus transportation) more.





Though I made plans to lose weight, I never felt I was unattractive or less worthy as a result of my weight. 
And fortunately, I was also blessed with great parents who gave me a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Actually, it was more my interest in fashion and pursuing modeling that led me to focus on my weight as an issue as early as elementary school. I’ve tried to lose weight many different ways in my youth.  I just never committed to making a lifestyle change. I always saw it as a short term goal.  And whenever the results didn’t come quickly enough to satisfy me, I would promptly give up, until I heard about or came up with another get thin fast plan. 

 Whether I used an ignorant starvation plan, or tried the traditional work-out/eat right plan, I failed to lose the weight.  As early as elementary school, my mother attempted to support my weight loss goals by walking with me around our neighborhood for exercise.  The walks began as quality time with my mother and we had fun and actually enjoyed the exercise.  But soon my neighborhood friends began to watch, follow and ask, “Why is your mother making you walk?” and “when will you be allowed to play?”   I found it difficult to maintain my motivation after all of the questions and comments, and I eventually stopped the walks and gave up.  In junior high school, I decided to eat one orange a day to "jump start" my weight loss. Somehow I was able to make it through the week surviving on one orange a day, but the moment the week was over I returned to my normal way of eating and I regained the weight. And later in junior high school, I tried the healthy method, when I began working out daily, using the "step" and a work-out tape, while eating healthy. I lost 5 pounds in a week and my mother gave me a greeting card to show her pride and to provide support. Sadly, despite the card, I gave up because I wasn’t in the correct frame of mind to maintain that lifestyle.  Afterward I stopped trying to lose weight and I accepted my weight.

But looking back I realize that I was just living in denial.  I never visualized my future self as an over weight or obese person.  And I had always assumed that I would lose the weight, but I just had no idea how.  I dressed well and lived like I was very happy with my appearance but I also made certain to keep my arms covered and I lied about my weight on my driver's license and anyone else who asked.  I was almost entirely able to avoid the topic of my weight.  But on the rare occasions when it was brought to my attention, I would immediately avoid the issue.  For instance I am fortunate to photograph well, and I was actually quite happy with the majority of my pictures regardless of my weight.  But when I would see a picture of myself looking particularly over weight or obese, I would immediately tear up and destroy the picture.  I would do this without forethought, to very quickly avoid the issue.  It was like I was living in a rose colored bubble of my own creation and I did not want to acknowledge anything that may burst that bubble.  I was very happy with my life on the surface, but I did not truly accept my weight and I did not want to acknowledge that it was a problem.

My friends attempted to motivate me by suggesting books and/or inviting me to join them at the gym.  Sometimes I appreciated the offers and other times I took offense.  It has been my experience that no one can give you motivation.  Depending on the person speaking and/or the words used, “outside motivation” can backfire and even slow your progress down.  You must locate it within yourself to succeed. And you must come to terms with the facts. Once you accept the requirements to lose the weight and make that commitment to yourself to do the work and make the appropriate lifestyle changes, you are halfway there. 

My motivation began in 2003 with constant news of Gastric Bypass weight loss.  I was intrigued by the success stories, but I was very much aware that it’s a life threatening surgery and that there are complications and side effects associated.   Despite the fact that Gastric Bypass was being used by otherwise healthy individuals, I know that the surgery should only be relied upon by obese people who are suffering medically in ways that would prevent them from being able to lose weight via the traditional methods.  I knew it would never be an option for me, but I still wanted to lose the weight and reach my goal of living a healthier lifestyle. This meant I had to accept that the only way to lose weight and maintain it is to workout and eat healthy.

 I began by making the commitment to workout every day.  I started with the 30min Tae-Boe tape, which is a short time commitment and I found it interesting because it taps into my previous experience in self-defense class. The key was finding an exercise that I could make time for and enjoy while maintaining the commitment.  And as my aptitude and interests changed, so did my work-outs.  Over time I formed an exercise habit and I began to enjoy working out.  Next, I knew I would have to look at my eating habits, but I loved food and I didn’t feel ready for any drastic changes.  So, I began cutting out all liquid calories. I switched to water, but when I missed flavor, I incorporated unsweetened raspberry green tea.  Believe it or not raspberry green tea tastes amazing without sugar, and it actually reminds me of Kool-aid served cold.  I experimented with flavors to broaden choices and green tea added many health benefits to my life. Over time results made it easier to focus on cutting calories.  I became aware of my caloric intake while allowing myself to enjoy the foods I love in moderation.  Calorie requirements for my goal weight were found with a fitness website’s caloric requirements calculator. When I wanted pizza, I used the restaurant's website to check calories and I balanced the rest of my meals for the day.  Soon I learned to remember the calories in the foods I regularly eat, and I became better at portion control.

Eventually I started to take an interest in the labels on food.  I check the calorie count, the fiber content and I watch for fat and sugar levels.  I switched to Olive Oil for everything, because I learned that it’s a “good fat.”  I even use it when I bake brownies, and I swear no one can taste the difference.  Fiber and whole-grain foods are staples in my daily meals because I learned that high fiber content causes glucose to be released slowly into the bloodstream, preventing the sudden slumps that cause hunger spikes.  Finally, I created and located various recipes to replace some of their less healthy counterparts.  One favorite is my mini pizza recipe made on whole-grain English muffins.  I flatten and drizzle each muffin half with olive oil and garlic to mimic a crisp crust, because you do not have to sacrifice taste for health.

I took it slow and made changes I could live with because it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet, and as my motivation and commitment grew, so did my efforts and my knowledge base. The key is not to try to do everything all at once and to remember that the all or nothing mentality will only lead to failure. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake, and slip off of the proverbial health and fitness wagon, and get right back on the wagon.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been and my life has improved in countless ways.  Accomplishing and maintaining this goal has reinforced my confidence and provided me and all of my family and friends with endless faith in my ability to succeed at any and every goal I set for myself.
120lbs lost initially and Now 130lbs lost! From over 280lbs to 150lbs!
Size 26/28 to 4/6  (Height: 6 foot & 1/2 in)

I’ve learned how valuable motivation can be during times of change and how difficult it can be to maintain it over time without regular reminders and support.
I maintain my motivation and inspiration to workout and eat healthy by passing the information and support I’ve received to others via THayesFitness, which provides the motivation and support required to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I designed, to allow me to share my personal story, before and after pictures, struggles, successes, favorite tips, and recipes via blog, group chat and personal messaging.  THayesFitness provides a constant reminder of my hard work and holds me accountable to my friends, family and the world.  It would be unimaginably difficult to explain regaining the weight to everyone after making myself a resource of information to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The motivation and joy I‘ve received from the website led me to create the Motivational Fitness DVD.  The DVD provides a personal account and blueprint of the month to month path I took towards losing 130 pounds.  The DVD includes 'Pop-Up' Reminders of the commitment to lose weight and or maintain a healthy lifestyle while sharing my favorite and most relied upon tips to support you in your health and fitness goals.  It will allow each individual to personalize his/her own path to a healthier lifestyle, while providing my path as an example to both learn from as well as improve upon.  Health and fitness is a wonderful addition to my life and I take pride and joy in my ability to share this passion with the world.

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