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But only if you can compltely satisfy the craving. 

If you can only find a mediocre version of the food that you are craving, you should eat something healthy until you can find something that will truly satisfy your craving.

I have found that when I am craving something. . .lets use a Philly Steak Sandwich as an example.  If I can not find the type of steak sandwich that I am specifically craving, but I settle for the closest thing, I tend to hold on to the craving and I continue to seek out a good steak & cheese sandwich until I find one. 

However if I am patient or fortunate enough to locate the
steak sandwich that I truly want, than I am satisfied and I am able to let it go. . .until the next craving hits. 
Accordingly, if you are given the opportunity to eat a fattening treat, be it a cookie or a slice of pizza and it is not delicious or satisfying, STOP eating and discard.  Don't waste calories on poorly made food.

We've all been there, perhaps it is a work or school sponsored event, and there are trays of free baked goods and maybe even some hot entrees.  Most people my self included have a difficult time resisting complementary food.

But since starting my healthier lifestyle, I have decided that I will no longer eat fattening food just because its available and or tolerable.  A Fattening Treat Should Be Decadent and or Delicious.  Never Settle.

So if I taste a free cookie at a buffet and it is dry and hard I Stop eating and place it into the trash. 

I beg of you to do the same.  Don't Waste Calories on mediocre fattening foods.

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