The 130lb Weight Loss Story: It Worked For Me & It Will Work For YOU!
Keeping You Motivated!

Getting Started!


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 But also remember that sometimes you must. . .
"Fake it Til You Make It!"

Meaning, make a point of committing to work-out and begin by simply promising yourself you will work out at least 5-6 times in the coming week, for at least 30 minutes a day. And on the days when you can't imagine doing it, just promise yourself, you will always do it if for at least 10 minutes. ALWAYS MAKE THE EFFORT

Did you know that it only takes 21 days to form a habit?
And studies show that in a no more than six weeks (maybe less) you will begin to feel naturally motivated to work-out regularly.
And I have felt this to be true. So keep pushing and trying. Just start by setting small goals, and keeping promises to yourself.

Seriously, trust me. This is coming from a recovering, chronically lazy person. I now not only work-out regularly, but if I miss a couple of work-outs, I don't just feel guilty, but I don't feel as good, physically or mentally. Working out fills my body with endorphins, that I can feel immediately after the workout (particularly when I weight train). Working out also lifts my spirits. Which is specifically noticeable when I am feeling a little down in the dumps. Because once I work-out, I feel an immediate difference in my spirit and demeanor. It definitely make me more prepared to take on the world. And I swear years ago it would have been difficult to find someone much lazier than me.

So start working out, and please remain consistent. And I swear that in 6 weeks or less you too will have a natural inclination to work-out and you will know the joy I feel when I have just enjoyed a good work-out. I swear, seriously.


Step 1: Start Moving!


Ok. I know some of you have an aversion to physical activity. I, for one, took pride in my ability to avoid physical activity, while still successfully achieving all of my goals. Somewhere I got it into my head that it was foolish to take the stairs, for example and I hated sweating, so I figured it made since to avoid activities that resulted in sweat.  

I find it amusing now, but at the time it made all of the sense in the world...

Now, I know that exercise is not only healthy, but it also actually makes you feel better. And this is a promise. I am not blowing smoke here. It really does make you feel great. Not just healthier, but exhilarated, and happier. And if you focus on your physical gains, rather than your weight, you will be inspired. Physical gains: being able to take the stairs without being winded, or running to catch the bus and not feeling like you are about to die. 

You will be absolutely amazed at the difference, you can notice over time.

I began exercising with a 30 minute exercise tape. This is what worked for me. It does not mean that it is what is right for you. What you do is not important. All that matters is that you get moving. So, I recommend that you find something that interests you, or that you at least don't hate.

Walking is a simple way to begin. Accordingly, it is known as one of the best physical activities, as it incorporates most of the muscles we use in our daily lives. Whatever you do, do it consistently. 30 - 60 minutes a day, 4 - 5 days a week is the minimum recommended by health care providers. But you should begin with whatever you can. If you have a severe weight problem, 10 minutes might be all that you can sustain in the beginning. Just do what you can and increase the time as you progress.

Note:  The more consecutive days you can schedule work-outs, the sooner you will feel and see a difference. But most importantly, the sooner you will find that you feel some joy in working out. Statistics say that after 21 days to 6 weeks, you will find that it is a habit, rather than a self enforced activity. And I have found this to be true.
So please try to tough it out for at least 21 days!

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