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Why Green Tea?

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Why Green Tea?

A study done in Switzerland concluded that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day made people burn an extra 80 calories daily, without an increase in their heart rate. Green tea may even produce thermogenisis, increase energy expenditure, and fat oxidation, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. General recommendations say that you should drink about four cups a day for the best health benefits, and to help you lose weight. 

Note:  This is not a substitution for exercise, but every effort you make counts.


This was one of the first things I did, because I figured if you have to count calories, who wants to count a drink.

 That Means STOP Drinking Soda & Juice.

You get more benefits from the vitamins in real fruit, than you ever will in drinking juice. Plus when you eat fruit you receive fiber and you actually feel full. Whereas when you drink juice, you don't feel full, but you still consume calories.

I swear if you stop doing this today you will see a difference in no time.

I do understand that you may tire of drinking water, and miss flavor. So I recommend replacing soda and juice with flavored green tea.

A Current THayesFitness Favorite Green Tea is

Whole Foods 365 Pomegranate & Cranberry Green Tea (bags) Calorie free & it Taste AMAZING Served cold.  No sugar or splenda needed!  Plus it's a Excellent VALUE at $3.99 for 80 Tea Bags :)

DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR HONEY. I swear, with the natural flavors from the Pomegranate and the Cranberry, you will not need to sweeten the tea. And try drinking it cold. When it is cold I swear it reminds me of cool-aid. Seriously, No Lie.

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