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Fit & Tasty Snack Ideas

Fit & Tasty~*SNACK IDEAS

Often you reach for convenient snacks like candy, soda, and/or chips whether at home or on the go.  Plan ahead to avoid the excess calories and weight gain.  Fail to Plan & You Plan to FAIL ** Pack healthy snacks at home & carry them with you, when you are at work or on the run.  (Buy single serve snacks of trigger foods and do not stock more then 1 protion in your home at a time.  And keep small containers or plastic baggies handy for packing snacks (pre-portion & measure each bag/container).  Try some of my favorite delicious fit and tasty snack ideas listed below.  You Can SATISFY CRAVINGS & Live a HEALTHY Lifestyle.  And pay close attention the snacks in blue highlighter (if you LOVE LARGE PORTIONS for very little calories :o)

  • 3 Sugar Free Hershey's Minis & 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • One Tablespoon of peanut butter, spread over a small banana
  • Fresh PB&J: layer 1 tablespoon of peanut butter & 3-4 sliced strawberries on 1 small wrap (180 cals)

  • 1 cup Breyers Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream, a 3-4 mashed strawberries  (200 cals)

  • 1/4 cup Dry Roasted Edamame (Seapoint Farms Brand-Wasabi Flavor (130 cals)
  • Celery stuffed with 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter (2 tablespoons PB=200 cals)
  • Sprouted Sunflower Seeds--Garlic & Salt Flavor OR Teriyaki Flavor (1 ounce 80 cals)
  • 15 Almonds with 1 low-fat mozzarella 'string' cheese stick (Approx 180 clas)
  • 1 Pack 'Tofu Shirataki Noodles'+1 cup 'Whole Foods 365' Roasted Veg Tomatoe sauce+1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese (135 cals)
  • Cinnamon toast & turkey sausage wrap: sprinkle 1 small wrap w/1 pack of Splenda(or)Stevia & 1-2 teaspoons cinnamon and toast in oven and wrap around 1 turkey breakfast links (cook & split each link to increase the 'portion' :o)  (180 cals)
  • 1 small wrap layered with chopped onion & tomatoe+shredded stick of low-fat 'string' cheese stick (heat in the toaster oven to melt cheese & toast wrap) (160 cals)
  • 1 Serving (1/2 a pack) 'Tofu Shirataki Noodles'+Brat Hans Chicken Meatballs: 'Spinach, Fontina & Roasted Garlic'+1/2 cup Whole Foods 365 Roasted Veg Tomatoe Sauce (185 cals)
  • Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers 4 pieces(35 cals) feel free to have the whole bag(24)for only 200 cals :o)
  • Sugar Free Life Savers 4 pieces(30 cals) feel free to have the wholes bag(20)for only 150 cals :o)

Fit & Tasty Chip/Popcorn Swap*SNACKS

*THayesFavorite*Kale Chips!
RECIPE:  Wash & Dry Kale. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 cookie sheets with foil and spray with Olive Oil cooking spray. Tear Kale into 3-4 inch pieces and spray with Olive Oil cooking spray on both sides. Lightly sprinkle with salt on 1 side (use a tiny amount of salt as it cooks in and a little goes a long way.) Toast 1-2sheets at a time for 12-15 mins -- until crisp. Store in an air-tight Tupperware container. Make 4 or more sheets at a time & store for quick, fit and tasty snacking anytime!  Experiment with flavors: like Garlic, Parmesan or Red Pepper :o)

  • *Dry Roasted Edamame(By Seapoint Farms): Try both the Wasabi Flavor & the Lightly Salted.  Serving Size: 1/4 cup: 130 cals; 4.5 grams fat; 0.5g Sat Fat; 7g fiber; 14g Protein; 1g Sugar; 2 net carbs.  They are the PERFECT crunchy salty snack swap for chips!  Plus the 'Wasabi' flavor will help prevent binges (if you don't LOVE hot snacks ;-)

    *Roasted & Salted Pistachios (Nuts make for perfect snacks!  Filled with protein, fiber and healthy fats!  It contains more than 10% of the Daily Value for dietary fiber & vitamin B-6.  And at aprox. 49 nuts per 200 cals serving, this nut also provides the largest quantity per serving for when you want to enjoy a long snack time.)

    *Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Roasted & Salted Almonds  (Almonds can be pricey & my best price is at WH.)
    (Studies show that almonds help reduce belly fat and make you feel full longer than other foods. Aprox. 30 nuts per 200 cals serving.)
  • *Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Walnuts  (Nuts can be pricey & my best price is at WH.)
    (Studies show that almonds help reduce belly fat and make you feel full longer than other foods. Aprox. 1/4 cup 190 cals serving.)
  • *Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Roasted & Salted Peanuts  (Nuts can be pricey & my best price is at WH.)
    (Studies show that almonds help reduce belly fat and make you feel full longer than other foods. Aprox. 1/4 cup nuts per 200 cals serving.)
  • Read My Preferred Grocery List to Find My Ingredients -

THayesFavorite Fruit Smoothie
Blend together 1 frozen banana + 1/2-1 cup Almond Milk + 1 tablespoon peanut butter + 1 tablespoon Unsweetened Cocoa = Delicious Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie :o)


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