The 130lb Weight Loss Story: It Worked For Me & It Will Work For YOU!
Keeping You Motivated!

What's Your Motivation?

You should give this question some serious thought. . .

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to change your lifestyle? How do you believe losing weight will change your body, health and or life?

Regardless of your answer, motivation will see you through your weight loss journey. And motivation will support you in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.

What you choose is not as important as how you chose your motivation. *It is very important that you are Motivated from within. Friends, family and associates may be able to provide support. But It must be your choice. As it will be you, who will be required to make the changes to reach your goal everyday.

I was motivated by both Vanity and Health. I wanted to be slimmer, but I also admitted (to myself) that I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle. *Once I admitted that I was making poor health choices, it became much more difficult to choose to eat without a conscience and skip exercise everyday.

Find your Motivation.
Visualize the change.

Make the Commitment today.
It Worked for Me! And it Will Work for YOU!

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