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*Fit & Tasty Happy Hour: How To Lose Weight & Enjoy Drinks with Friends*
For Tips To Help YOU Share Drinks with Friends & Control Your Weight
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*How to To STOP Night Time Binges & Lose Weight*
For Tips To Help YOU Learn to Control Your Caloric Intake All Day & Night
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Most People KNOW Fast Food is not the Healthiest Way to Eat.  And we know Fried Foods are NOT always Nutritious :-D  But sometimes you have a CRAVING and You Decide to TREAT Yourself. . .for these moments, I have pre-selected some diet friendly Fried Food options, available at 1 of my favorite Fast Food Restaurants.

Diet-Friendly Fast Food Options at Popeyes (Use CAUTION with Items in RED)

*Popeyes Fried Chicken*
Wing: 140 cals, 9g fat, 3.5g saturated fat
Leg: 100 cals, 5g fat, 2g saturated fat
Thigh: 300 cals, 24g fat, 8g saturated fat
Breast: 360 cals, 22g fat, 8g saturated fat
*Popeyes Sides*
Green Beans: 70 cals
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy:  120 cals
Corn on the Cobb: 190 cals
Biscuit: 240 cals
Apple Turnover: 250 cals
French Fries: 310 cals
Red Beans & Rice: 320 cals

PLEASE try to keep your Total Calories for the meal, in the 500 Calorie range
to have a Special Treat/Cheat Meal without huge consequences

I suggest selecting 1-2 pieces of fried chicken and pairing it with either your favorite vegetable at home :-D  OR pair it with Green Beans if you are eating out :-D  And as you can see the mashed potatoes & gravy are relatively low in calories for the people who LOVE them. . .as for the other sides**VIEW CALORIES  As CURRENCY** if  french fries and or biscuits are important to you, select 1 piece of chicken, i.e. a fried chicken breast, french fries and green beans.
It Works For ME! And It WILL Work For YOU!






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* ~ Quick Tips for 2011 & Beyond. . .*
10-Minute Rule: We all have 10 minutes to spare for our own well being throughout the day. And 10 minutes three times a day would be ideal! Ten minutes of walking around the block or chair squats or even lifting lightweights is healthier than ten minutes of inactivity. Just get moving to burn calories and know you are worth the extra effort!
Walk & Take Stairs More: Opting to take stairs instead of the elevator is a good choice, building leg strength and cardio endurance, and is easy because stairs are everywhere. Park your car further away from your destination &/or get off the metro 1-2 stops early to increase walking time. Every additional minute of activity will get you closer to your goals!
Think 80/20: Building healthy habits starts with making healthy choices 80 percent of the time – choosing to take the stairs versus the elevator; making food choices based on both nutrition and taste, becoming aware of proper serving sizes and drinking water instead of soda. The remaining 20 percent of the time, allow for treats and take it easy. Make your health a priority.
Chair Squats: Using a chair – in the office or at home – from a sit, repeat unassisted standing up and sitting down in a controlled manner. This works the core, legs and balance. And your ability to perform this exercise can determine your quality of life as you age.
Defy Perfection: Fitness success is not defined by perfection. We all make mistakes, and falling off the fitness bandwagon is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we’ve failed and can’t quickly resume a commitment to being healthy. The only failure is giving up entirely.
"We all have weaknesses, Allow for treats when accomplishing goals, but regard calories as currency."
 It Works For ME! And It WILL Work For YOU!

Thanksgiving is a celebration of family and food, with a strong emphasis on FOOD. It is a time when people make the food they love and share it with the people they love. Which makes it a very difficult time to stay conscious of calories and nutrition.

If you LOVE food as much as I do, Thanksgiving can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Over the more than 7 years of maintaining my 130lb weight loss, I have learned some simple tips to enjoy Thanksgiving, without forgetting my health lifestyle or my LOVE of food.

Tips to Balance Thanksgiving with a Healthy Lifestyle

First focus on your favorite dishes and set standards for the food you eat. View your calories as currency and Thanksgiving as an Outlet Mall. Do not spend your calories on food simply because it is available.

DO NOT eat food to please the people who made the meal. If you must, take a small portion home and discard later. DO NOT waste calories.

Sample “New” dishes. Keep portions of “new” foods very small. Only go back for seconds if you love the sample.

Remember you can eat more tomorrow. There is no need to gorge yourself on Thanksgiving. You may have more everyday until the leftovers run out. . .

Eat dessert for breakfast the next day or the morning of Thanksgiving. Otherwise save it for a snack 2 hours or more after the meal. This will give your metabolism some time to catch up.

*Top*Tip: Eat slower and more consciously. This will help you enjoy food more, while becoming more aware of your true caloric needs. I have a 3 simple steps to help you eat slower, to give yourself time to feel full and eat less.

1. Finish chewing the food in your mouth BEFORE you place more food in your mouth.

[The next time you are eating a meal, take the time to notice how often you have to stop yourself from placing more food in your mouth before you finish chewing. You will be shocked]

2. Notice the flavor and texture of the food as you place it in your mouth and chew.

[Often when eating a favorite food, you may be in such a rush to consume the food, that you completely miss the pleasure of the experience. So next time you are sitting down in front of a favorite treat, take your time and savor the entire experience of tasting and eating your food.]

3. Occasionally place your utensils down during the meal.

[This helps with the first 2 tips. It clearly delays the next bite. And helps you notice the food that is in your mouth vs. preparing for the next bite.]

Take the time to enjoy and savor the experience of eating the food you love with the people you love. Besides, what’s the rush? The food isn‘t about to hop off of your plate and run. Right? And what is the purpose of speeding through a delicious Thanksgiving meal?

Remember the goal is NOT to starve your way to weight loss. The goal is to learn how to eat and be full with smaller portions.

Try my simple tips during your Thanksgiving meal this year. I know you will experience more joy when eating and I bet you will feel full with less food than you are accustomed to eating.

It Worked For Me! And it Can Work For YOU!





Bonus Tip! Breaking Plateaus~When the Scale Stops Moving

 Somtimes, despite your usual exercise routine and healthy eating, the scale simply STOPS moving.

*Generally as your body adapts to your exercise routine, it expends less energy in order to accomplish the routine.

This is your body’s way of becoming more efficient. So this is indeed good news and a sure sign of increased physical fitness. However, expending less energy means burning less calories and less weight loss. Which can create the dreaded plateau. This is when you find yourself shocked by a sudden lack of weight loss.

NO Worries :)

You simply need to burn more calories or consume less calories.

The Decision is Yours :)

I LOVE Food, so I take a look at my exercise routine first.

The Great News is there are a lot of ways to change your exercise routine

*Here are some THayesFitness Favorites*

Increase Intensity of Exercise
One of the simplest changes to make can be to increase the intensity of your current cardio. For example If you are riding a bicycle you can increase the resistance. If you are walking on a treadmill, you may increase the incline or the speed. If you are strength training, you may increase the weight or repetitions of each exercise. During my weight loss I walked outside and as my fitness improved I began to look for hills. Eventually adding ankle weights and even alternating 1-3 min runs with walking.

Change Type of Exercise
Since your body has figured out how to make your current exercise routine easier. You need to find a NEW challenge for your body. So, if you live on the treadmill, you should try the bike or elliptical for a month. If you weight train change the specific moves, reps, or weight. If you are using a exercise video, get a new one. There are countless different variations of squats, sit-ups, bicep curls etc. Keep your exercise routine fresh. Try reading fitness magazines and websites and watching health shows to find new moves. I find lots of new moves that way and I actually teach some of my personal training clients, an exercise move I saw on The Dr. Oz Show.

Change Duration of Exercise
If you are exercising less then an hour, you may simply increase the duration. (30-60 minutes is a good minimum to maximum. Unless you are training for a race or marathon.) I started my weight loss with a 30 minute exercise video and as my fitness improved I began using 50-60 minute videos.

Incorporate Intervals
If you don’t want to increase the duration or simply do not have the extra time, you may find it easier to incorporate interval training. Which is simply alternating short periods of intense exercise with longer periods of less intense exercise. For example if you are walking, jog/run as fast as you can for 30 seconds - 1 minute and then slow down to a walk for 1-2 min to cool down and lower your heart rate. Repeating this sequence for 20-30 minutes. For the bike, pedal as fast as you can etc. You’ll burn more calories and you can increase your cardio endurance. It can also be a easy way to introduce jogging/running to your walking routine.

*I use to believe I would never be able to run for longer than a few seconds.  Now I can run 10-60 min.  I still do not love running, but I now understand how to enjoy a good run and it all began with 30 seconds.

Never Say Never!

Never Set Limits!

It Worked for Me!
And it Will Work for YOU

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You will be notified via email if your tip is used.  Please mention whether or not you would like you name and or before & after pictures included in the tip posting within your email.  Thank you!















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