The 130lb Weight Loss Story: It Worked For Me & It Will Work For YOU!
Keeping You Motivated!

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I Lost 120lbs and Keep it Off with Exercise!

Want Regular Motivation & Support from Someone Who Has Walked in Your Shoes?
Want the Best Results Out of  Your Workouts?
Want a Personalized Exercise Routine You Enjoy?

My name is Taisha J. Hayes.  I am the founder of THayesFitness - The 120lb Weight Loss Success Story and
I studied personal training with AFFA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and my 120lb weight loss success story has been featured in both Women's Health and Essence Magazines this year.

Let THayesFitness Keep You Motivated with

  • Physical assessment to gauge your current health & fitness to create a plan and set a goal.
  • In Home Personal Training: Trainer Who makes House Calls!
  • Personalized workout plan with recommended exercises and guidelines on sets & reps.
  • Exercise summary sheet explaining how to do each exercise.
  • Weekly schedule highlighting weight training, cardiovascular training.
  • Motivational Phone Calls, Texts or Email to support you on your path to weight loss success!

    THayesFitness Personal Training Fees:
    $60 an hour for 1 on 1 personal training
  • $40 an 1/2 hour for 1 on 1 personal training  
    *Group rates:
    $40/hr per person for 2 people.
    $30/hr  per person for 3 people.
    *Contact for rates for Groups larger than 3.  
    Once or twice a week sessions are recommended but beneficial training can be achieved with 1 - 2 sessions a month.  Additionally, great benefits can result with 2 simple sessions in order to assess your current fitness and supply you with a personalized exercise program to prepare you for the path to weight loss.

    Buy sessions as needed or commit to a larger volume package and save on the cost per session. Some pricing examples are listed below.  *Unlike some trainers, THayesFitness does not require clients to use or commit to completing a set amount of sessions per month or risk losing them. Clients may purchase a package of sessions and use them as needed based on a training schedule agreed upon by the client.

    Package Savings!

    6 Session Package - Save $25

    10 Session Pack Save $75

    *20 Session Pack Save $180 = 3 Free Sessions*
    If you don't see a package that interests you, contact THayesFitness. We can easily design a personalized training package for you based on your budget and the time you have available to train.

  • To request Taisha J. Hayes, founder of THayesFitness - the 120lbs Weight Loss Success Story and AFFA Certified Personal Trainer for Personal Training, please email

    Want to Train, But Don't Live in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area?

    Try THayesFitness Online Personal Training!

  • Telephone access to trainer for the initial interview and assessment.
  • Personalized workouts based on personality, goals, schedule and available equipment.
  • Exercise summary sheet explaining how to do each exercise.
  • Email Workout reminders.

    Forms for accountability and tracking progress. 

    THayesFitness Online Personal Training Fees
    $39.99 a month for Basic Plan

    1 personalized workout a month

    $49.99 a month for Gold Plan
    2 personalized workouts a month

    $59.99 a month for Platinum Plan
    2 personalized workouts a month
    Unlimited telephone access to trainer for motivational support, tips and reminders!


    to Sign-Up & Get Started with THayesFitness Online Training Today!




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