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Name: Heather
Occupation:  Surgical Program Director
Age:  38
Height:  5ft  8in
Before Size:  16/18
After Size:  2/4
Before Weight: 223 lbs

Current Weight: 122 lbs
How Long it Took: 20 months

Hi Taisha!  Heather here!…Thanks again so much for all your inspiration! J

Essentially, I was one of “THOSE PEOPLE” for whom weight was never an issue.
 Even throughout my 20 yr. battle with multiple treatments and surgeries for the disease, Endometriosis, I would go up, I would go down, I would maintain - never really fluctuating all that much, even though the medicines and surgeries were physically taking their toll on my body.  I never really watched what I ate or worried about what the calorie content of an item was, whether it had carbs, whether it contained partially hydrogenated fats or corn syrups, whether I was eating enough of the right foods and limiting the bad ones.  That approach to eating, quickly became an obvious mistake as I got older and I steadily gained weight each year!

In 1998, I had my little boy, who was a miracle after battling Endometriosis-related infertility for many years.  After back to back surgeries in the summer of 1997, I was finally able to conceive.  However, the pregnancy was not the wonderful, glowing time everyone speaks of; it was nothing short of a horror with sickness, pain, fetal distress and a list of complications as long as my arm (including gestational diabetes, toxemia and a cardiac issue), all of which ultimately culminated in him needing to be induced 6 weeks early.  From that point on, everything went steadily downhill fast.  6 mons. after he was born, I had a hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries, tubes and cervix. That was where the real struggle began.  At age 28, our bodies are not prepared for surgical menopause and it is not a graceful easing-into process that our grandmothers may have experienced.  It is a shock to the system, with which the body cannot cope adequately, and the result – if one is not careful - is skyrocketing cholesterol levels, massive and rapid weight gain, depression and fatigue.  Not taking hormone replacement therapy (not always a good idea for Endometriosis patients but a personal choice of mine – consult your own doc) did little to help and in fact probably hindered the recovery process.  Flash forward, the baby weight was not gone and to make matters even worse, I had started racking up additional post-hysterectomy weight to compound the issue.

I gravitated, as I’m sure many do, towards a low-fat approach.  Plenty of low-cal/low-fat snacks and meals, thinking I was doing a good thing.  I never read any further on a nutrition label than the fat and calorie content, never for a moment considering sodium, preservatives, type of carbs and amount, fiber, sugars and more.  That was my biggest mistake, and one that contributed to a near-80 lb. gain over the next 8 years.

In November of 2006, I went for a routine gynecologist check up and the doc discovered a lump.  Not caring too much or being too concerned, I went for his recommended mammo and they found that the lump was a “normal” cyst.  However – what no one had bargained for was the lump they found in the OTHER breast, which was only found on the mammo incidentally and had not been felt on the exam.  Flash forward to the scariest time in my life, ultimately ending in the surgical removal of the suspicious mass, which, while undetermined in origin, was not malignant.

That was when I really took stock of things and realized that if I was ever going to be well – having been sick for the majority of my adult life at that point with Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain, and now the breast issue – the time was NOW.  I have incredibly supportive family members who helped me get on the right track, without whom I could never have done this.  One of them explained the low-carb approach from a healthy standpoint, NOT necessarily the Atkins approach, and I went on from there to learn every single thing I could about diet, nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyles and more.  For the past 20 months, I have eaten, slept and breathed nutrition and exercise.

I do not follow any plans.  I have created MY plan, which consists of: daily exercise - cardio AND strength training - and cutting out processed foods.  Period.  There is no easy way!  Limiting the intake of empty, useless carbs, cutting way down on sodium, cutting out high fructose corn syrups, sugars, and other preservatives, eating only lean meats, fish, poultry and veggies is my answer. It has become abundantly clear that the “Low Fat” approach totally backfired for me - most of those foods are loaded with preservatives and empty carbs, so when you think you're doing something good for yourself, you're actually gaining weight at record speeds.  I work out both at the gym and at home 6 days a week.  I take one “free” day to rest and will also allow, within reason, a treat on that “free” day.

I read Taisha Hayes’s story in Women’s Health magazine a few months back and was so impressed with/inspired by her own story that I simply had to reach out to her and let her know how much she had inspired me to keep trying.  I actually was so impressed that I ended up submitting my OWN story to them, which is currently under consideration with the editors.

This has been really difficult because I never struggled with weight in my life until after my son’s birth and my hysterectomy.  I used to always be slim and never worked at it, so you can imagine how hard this has been!  20 months later, I’m at a size 2/4 from a 16/18 and have lost 101 lbs.  My energy levels are amazing, my confidence has been boosted tremendously, and I have never felt physically better in more than 2 decades.  This really has been a new lease on life and I commend everyone out there who is taking, starting or has recently been on the journey themselves.  This IS for LIFE; it is not a short term diet, it is not a quick fix approach; there is no magic bullet.  There is only hard work, attention to the science of nutrition and adherence to a lifestyle that is largely healthy and works well enough within your own life that you can maintain it.  Just know that hard work DOES pay off.  We it owe it not only to our families and children, but most importantly – to ourselves.

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