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Maria & Ricardos Whole Wheat Tortillas (Low Carb, Sugar Free, Vegan, LOW Sodium, LOW Priced & Delicious!)  45 cals; 1.5g fat; 7g fiber; 4g protein; 3 net carbs = The BEST wrap for everything from sandwiches, burritos, pizza, fajitas, and quesadillas to pizza, chips, cinnamon toast and 'pancake wraps'.  Found at Whole Foods.

*Tofu Shirataki Noodles http://www.house-foods.com/Tofu/tofu_shirataki.aspx  This can change your life!(20 cals a serving (I eat 2). Taste wonderful, great for diabetics & an easy way to create a filling low cal meal! Look for them in the refrigerated section, as they come already cooked too!  Simply rinse very the pasta for 2Min, add sauce and serve.  Found at Harris Teeter, Whole Foods & 'YES! Organics' Grocery Stores.
La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Wrap Bread www.LaTortillaFactory.com 
5g Protein, 7g Fiber, 2g Fat. (50 Cal for small wraps; 80 Cal for large wrap)  Amazing Homemade pizza! Sandwiches, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tacos, 'Chips' Peanut Butter & Jelly wraps etc.  The list is endless! Found at Safeway and other Grocery Stores.

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THayesFitness Grocery List Items

'FiberOne 80 Calorie Cereal':  80 Calories, 10g Fiber, (15g Net carbs), 1g fat, 1g Protein.  TRY it with Unsweetened Almond Milk!

Polaner Sugar Free Concord Grape Jelly with Fiber Per Serving (1 tablespoon) 10 calories; 0g Fat, 3g fiber; 1g net carbs; less than 1g sugar. Available in most grocery stores.

Safeway Brand 'Watching Carbs' Ice Cream: Butter Pecan & Vanilla Flavors available. (Butter Pecan is my favortie)

'Kellogg's Special K Protein Plus': 110 Calories, 5g fiber, (15g Net Carbs), 10g Protein, 3g fat.  TRY it with Unsweetened Almond Milk!

*Brat Hans Chicken Meatballs: 'Spinanch, Fontina & Roasted Garlic' is my Favorite Flavor! 
Serving size: 4 Meatballs: 130 cals; 9g fat; 2.5g Sat Fat  12g protein; 0 carbs.  They come pre-cooked: simply toast them in the oven and serve alone or with your favorite sauce & 'Tofu Shirataki Noodles'.  :o) FOUND@ Whole Foods!

*Dry Roasted Edamame(By Seapoint Farms): Try both the Wasabi Flavor & the Lightly Salted.
  Serving Size: 1/4 cup: 130 cals; 4.5grams fat; 0.5g Sat Fat; 7g fiber; 14g Protein; 1g Sugar; 2 net carbs.  They are the PERFECT crunchy salty snack swap for chips!  Plus the 'Wasabi' flavor will help prevent binges (if you don't LOVE hots snacks ;-)

*Annie Chun's Chicken Dumplings Approx. 4-5 dumplings for 50-60 cals, depending upon the flavor.
They can be cooked in the toaster oven, microwave or oven, for a quick tasty Meal or Appetizer~I LOVE it paired w/"Tofu Shirataki Noodles" broccoli and soy sauce.  (*Located in the Frozen Foods Section @ Most Grocery Stores, including Whole Foods*)

Skinny Water (Flavor: Peach Mango Mandarin) 0 Cals; 0 Sugar; 0 Sodium; 0 carbs With: Calcium; Potassium & EGCG~a Green Tea Extract for when you want a flavored drink without the extra calories.

Crystal Light: Remember Cyrstal Light?  They have lots of great new flavors.  And provide a fantastic way to add flavor without adding calories.  0 Calories.

Werther's Original Sugar Free Minis Fives Pieces = 4 Cals; 0 Sugar; 1.5g Fat  The perfect "extremely low-cal" sweet treat, to keep in your purse for food emergencies (when you cannot resist eating despite being "full').

*Russell Stover Sugar Free Candy* (Assorted Varieties)  My favorites include:
  Chocolate Covered Toffee; Crispy Caramel; Chocolate Covered Coconut; Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties; Chocolate Covered Caramel Pecan Chews & Chocolate Covered Crispy Peanut Butter ("Butterfinger" knockoff).  Look for these in CVS; Giant Food Grocery; Target and other Grocery stores.

Whole Foods 365 Pomegranate & Cranberry Green Tea
(bags) Calorie free & it Taste AMAZING Served cold. 
No sugar or splenda needed!

Whole Food 365 Organic Peanut Sauce
25 calories per tablespoon.  This Amazing Asian style sauce taste FANTASTIC with Tofu Shirataki Noodles, Shrimp & broccoli OR Add it to boneless skinless chicken breast for amazingly simple homemade Chicken Satay.

'Safeway' Brand Traditional Buffallo 6 wings for 190 cals.  Pair with Steamed Broccoli for a Quick, Fit & Tasty Meal.
Found in the Freezer Section of Target.

*Low Fat Cream Cheese Makes an AMAZING Alfredo Sauce* 2 Tablespoons for 60-70 cals.
Fit & Tasty Alfredo Recipe*Pair it with Tofu Shirataki Noodles* Combine 1-2 tablespoons of low fat cream cheese, 1-2 teaspoons of Garlic Powder & 1-2 tablespoons of Dry Parmesan Cheese with your prepared Tofu Shirataki Noodles; Microwave for 1-2 mins and Serve with your favorites veggies and/or meat, for an Amazing Fettuccine Alfredo meal, for 160 - 280 calories (depending upon additions).  Try it with shrimp and broccoli for Approx. 270 calories :)

Blue Diamond Natural Unsweetened Almond Breeze PER SERVING (8 fl. oz.): 40 calories, 3g fat, 180mg sodium, 2g carbs, 1g fiber, 0g sugars, 1g protein  Try Vanilla, Plain & Chocolate flavors.  (Add Splenda to the chocolate if consuming straight.)  Great in coffee, oatmeal, cookies, cakes etc.  Available at most grocery stores, both in the refrigerated section or it'll be stocked with the other non-refrigerated boxed milks.

Almond Flour  This is simply Ground Almonds  & can be used in place of traditional flour in most recipes.  Try it in everything from 
cookies and cakes to breading a chicken fried steak*  Available in most health food stores i.e. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's etc.

Splenda Brown Sugar Blend (For Baking) You only need to use ½ the volume of brown sugar called for in your traditional recipes, as SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend provides half the calories and carbohydrate of brown sugar. A tablespoon of SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend contains 48 calories and is the equivalent in sweetness to two tablespoons of brown sugar, which contains 96 calories.  SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend is available at grocery stores in a 1/2 lb. bag that provides the sweetness of 1 lb. of brown sugar and in a 1 lb. bag that provides the sweetness of 2 lbs. of brown sugar.

*Celestial Seasonings Flavored Green Tea (Raspberry & Blueberry)  I love it ice cold!  No sugar or splenda needed!

(Raspberry & Blueberry)  I love it ice cold!  No sugar or splenda needed!
Coffee (Try flavored varieties for calorie free flavor.  I love Vanilla!)

*Roasted & Salted Pistachios (Nuts make for perfect snacks!  Filled with protein, fiber and healthy fats!  It contains more than 10% of the Daily Value for dietary fiber & vitamin B-6.  And at aprox. 49 nuts per 200 cals serving, this nut also provides the largest quantity per serving for when you want to enjoy a long snack time.)

*Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Roasted & Salted Almonds  (Almonds can be pricey & my best price is at WH.)
(Studies show that almonds help reduce belly fat and make you feel full longer than other foods. Aprox. 30 nuts per 200 cals serving.)
Whole Foods 365 Everyday V Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce (Taste Amazing, plus Fat Free & only 35 cals a serving!)

Whole Fd 365 EV Peanut Butter (Creamy & Crunchy) (Great Price and all natural--i.e no preservatives or added sugar.)
Whole Fd 365 EV Creamy Almond Butter (Higher in fiber than Peanut Butter & a great alternative.)
Breyers Carb Smart Ice Cream Chocolate is my favorite!  Vanilla is great when blended with fresh fruit.
Whole Rotisserie Chicken  (Most Stores offer reduced prices 1 day each week.  Check your store!

Ground CHICKEN (Has MORE Flavor Than ground turkey and provides a very filling Low-Cal Protein.  Perfect for tacos, burgers, 'Drunken Noodles' the possibilities are endless. . .

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Very filling low cal protein!  Watch for a sale & stock your freezer.  Perfect for stir-fry, fajitas, pizza. . .the list is endless.)

Eggs (A perfect protein.  Stock up so you can use more whites than yolks and throw away the yolf fat w/o guilt for omelettes.  And boil them for the perfect portable snack!)

Luncheon Meat: Lean thin sliced Ham is my fav at around 60 cals a serving. (Think beyound the sandwich and top a pizza.   Or wrap a slice around a chicken breast w/ a slice of Swiss cheese to pair with a pasta or vegetable side!) 
Bacon (I purchased pre-cooked.  Pork is lower in cals than you think w/less sodium than turkey bacon :) 4 slices are only 80-90 cals)

Shrimp (Very low-cal protein at around 80 cals a serving.  Perfect in stir-fry, pasta and stuffed in jalapeno peppers--recipe coming soon.)

Turkey Pepperoni (17 slices are only 70 cals!  Great for homemade pizza, sandwiches and even omelette's!)

Cheese Sticks (Great for portable snacks and portion control when cooking!  Generally 60-100 cals a serving.)

Lean Steak (Rib-eye &/or flank.  Perfect for stir-fry, fajitas, steak & eggs etc.)

Pork loin
(I love to roast it w/Chinese Hot & Spicy Seasoning Mix and use it in sandwiches, tacos and quesadillas.)

Sausage (All things in moderation.  Plus there are some great low cal options.  Read your labels & experiment :)

Ground Turkey Meat (Great in Chili!)
Fresh Arugula (Great in sandwiches, salads and amazing as a fresh addition to the top of a pizza!)
Fresh Spinach (Great in sandwiches and amazing sauteed with fresh garlic and olive oil!)
Jalapeno peppers
Frozen Broccoli (Always have your fav vegetable in the freezer.  It's a great/easy way to add heft to pasta, stir fry, pizza etc.)
Fresh Grapefruit
Frozen Edamame
Frozen Asian Vegetable Mix
Canned french cut green beans
Canned baby corn
Olive Oil Cooking Spray
Soy Sauce
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce (Check the label & buy the 1 with the least sugar!)
Unsweetened Cocoa ( I occasionally enjoy it in my coffee.)
Cinnamon (Studies show that it helps the body regulate sugar & may prevent Alzheimer's disease.  I add it to my daily coffee!)
Dried red pepper flakes
Dried oregano
Stir Fry Seasoning Mix
Chinese Hot & Spicy Seasoning Mix
*This is Not a Complete Shopping List.  This is just a list of some of items that are favored here at THayesFitness to assist in weight loss and maintenance.  Consult a Nutritionist for a complete list of foods to create a healthy diet.
If you are unable to locate the exact same product found on this list, please use the nutritional values of the item as a guide when reading the labels available at your store.  I have listed the websites of products that may prove difficult to find, but are worth ordering online. 

Good Luck & Good Health!
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