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Subject: How to Make Exercise FUN! & Low-Cal Summer Treats to Beat the Heat!{ THayesFitness July Monthly NewsLetter}

Exercise does not have to be awful and/or boring!

You can find interesting and Yes, even Fun ways to Exercise!
As some of you may already know, I began with a 30 minute Tae-bo exercise video.  I chose Tae-bo, because of a previous self-defense class I had taken in college and I it was very apparent that people that participated in Tae-bo, were very excited and happy during the work out.  So, I figured I could give it a try for 30 minutes.  I did find it to be an interesting exercise routine to learn and it was a fun way to work out my aggression and reinforce my self-defense skills, while burning calories.  I continued Tae-bo until I bored of it, than I began to try different work outs options until I found something else that held my interest as much.
This led me to try long walks with 5 pound ankle weights, belly dance videos, local boot camp classes and videos, hip hop aerobic videos, Pilate's videos{there are many Free exercise video options available via Comcast OnDemand}, Carmen Electra's aerobic strip tease DVDs, the elliptical machine, hiking, the stair master machine, treadmill, recumbent bike and weight training with free weights at home.

All of which were interesting for at least some length of time.  And some that I have grown to truly enjoy.  
The point is that Whenever I get Bored with exercise, I Change my exercise routine.
Never working out is Not an option.
Experiment with as many different exercise options as you need to find a workout(s) that you can enjoy.
Remember to take your time!  And Forgive yourself if you miss a workout or even a few workouts.
You will be working out on a regular basis for the rest of your Healthy Life
{if you want to keep the weight off and stay healthy for the rest of your life.}
You have all of the time in the World to find exercise you enjoy!
And you Can!  I Promise!
Find more information, tips, motivation and my blue print to weight loss success in the THayesFitness Calendar!
*It's Hot outside!*
*And when it gets Hot, few things feel better than a Cool Drink or a Sweet Treat.*
Try Some of my Favorite Low-Cal THayesFitness Approved Options
to Help Beat the Heat!
McDonald's - Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup{
I ask for Splenda instead of the Syrup-but that's just my preference-the cals remain the same}
120 1 carbohydrate, 1.5 fat
Dunkin Donuts - Reduced Calorie Berry Smoothie (16 oz) 250 49g carbohydrate, 2 fat
Dunkin Donuts - Iced Latte Lite (16 oz) 70 Cal. 10g carbohydrate, 0 fat
McDonald's - Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait 160 2 carbohydrate
McDonald's - Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone 150 1.5 carbohydrate, 1 fat
McDonald's - Kiddie Cone 45 0.5 carbohydrate, 0.5 fat
Find more information, tips, motivation and my blue print to weight loss success in the THayesFitness Calendar Today!

I have received lots of lovely comments and questions via both the THayesFitness Guest Book and MySpace.  Let me begin by saying thank you for taking the time to share your stories, concerns and appreciation.  Accordingly, I have decided to begin the THayesFitness Bi-Monthly Newsletter to begin to answer and address the questions and comments that I receive the most regularly.     

The question I receive the most is always:
How do you Find and Maintain the Motivation to become a Weight Loss Success??
The difference between what I was thinking during the times, when I felt helpless and destined to remain over-weight for the infinite future and what I think now, is: now I Know that I have absolute control over my weight and I am now Patient, because I fully accept the fact that if I burn more calories than I take in on a regular basis I will lose weight. 
Patience is Key!
You just Must let go of the expectations you had for yourself when you were in healthier shape.
When I initially began to work out, I had no previous experience to compare it to, so as a result I appreciated every small physical fitness gain.  However, Now that I am nearly 5 years pass my weight loss I have gone through periods where I have not worked out in a long while and (this brings me to another Fact we mustn't forget) the longer you don't work out = the longer it will take to return to your previous fitness level. 
This doesn't have to be a bad thing, BUT it is a Fact you must always remember. 
So Remember:  Rather than compare your current fitness abilities to your previous ability to workout for long periods of time {or the abilties of others who are more physically fit}, be Fair with yourself and begin slow.  Try a 30 min work out 3 - 6 days a week.   If you are decreasing the duration of your work outs you may find it easier to increase the days.  I had a history of completely avoiding physical activity so I began with 30 minutes a day, 6 - 7 days a week.  And that was enough to create a difference for me.  Everyone is different so begin at the fitness level that you are currently at and begin to gradually work your way towards your fitness goals.  In the begininng 30 minutes was a complete work out and Now 30 minutes is a short work out for me.  Visit for more information on finding your fitness level to create the right work out for your lifestyle!
As for food - Visit for some of my favorite and most relied upon Recipes and Instructions on how to count calories while eating all of your favorite foods.  Because remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. 
You should Never try to give up foods that you know you cannot live without, because once you begin to eat the foods again the weight will return.  You must find a way to balance your favorite, indulgent foods with your new healthier lifestyle. 
This takes time, don't give up on yourself. 
You can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to, Believe this and, Trust that it is true. 
**The only difference between someone who succeeds on a "Diet" and someone who fails is the Kowledge that you have only failed If you Give Up.  Never Give Up!  
Whenever you slip and skip working out or eat more than you should have, Just remember that tomorrow is another day.
This is not over, you have simply made a mistake and now that you know better you will do better. 
You Are Unstoppable, But Not Infallible!
Good Luck and Please continue to post your questions and comments on the Guestbook!
Visit for my Top Weight Loss Tips!  And Watch THayesVideo for More Answers to the Top Weight Loss Questions!  -
Stay Healthy & Happy,
Taisha J. Hayes
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