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You should Never try to give up foods that you know you cannot live without.

Because once you begin to eat the foods again the weight will return.

You must find a way to balance your favorite, indulgent foods with your new healthier lifestyle.

This takes time.

Don't give up on yourself.
Remember you can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to.

Believe This!

Trust that it is true.

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Sign GuestBook for Free FitNewsLetter to recieve more tips & recipes! 


Now try some Fit & Tasty alternatives for my favorite fattening treats! 

Try a THayesFitness Favorite in the recipes listed below!
La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Wrap Bread
(Amazing Homemade pizza! Sandwiches, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tacos, 'Chips' etc.  The list is endless!)

Shrimp Stuffed~Jalapeno Peppers~Wrapped in Bacon
Amazingly Tasty & Healthy

3 - 4 Jalapeno Peppers (3 large peppers or 4 med-small peppers)

8-12 shrimp (depending upon the size of the shrimp)

1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning or any "seafood seasoning"

2 strips of Bacon

Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Heat oven to 350 degrees; spray a non-stick cookie sheet.  *Prep Work!  Be certain to season the shrimp with Old Bay and cut each shrimp into 2-3 pieces.  And cut each strip of Bacon in half.  Next: Stuff & fill each pepper with shrimp (Approx. 3-4 shrimp per pepper).  Finally: wrap 1/2 a strip of bacon around each pepper and secure with a tooth-pick.  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the bacon is brown.  Makes 1 serving.  *Tip: Check the stuffed peppers, half way through the cooking time, and pour off some of the liquid, to ensure that the bacon browns!

Calories:  Approx. 240 calories

Complete your meal & Pair it with your favorite steamed veggies or My Fit & Tasty Alfredo Sauce & Tofu Shirataki Noodles.

Amazingly Tasty & Healthy Pizza Recipe
Restaurant Quality for Less Time & Money!

1 small Wrap

3 tablespoons of pizza or marinara sauce

1 stick of mozzarella cheese

5 slices of turkey pepperoni or meat and or vegetables of your choosing (optional)

fresh garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray (optional)

Heat oven to 350 degrees; spray the wrap bread and Lay wrap on non-stick cookie sheet. * The important part of my recipe is the Prep Work!  Be certain to *Toast the wrap before creating your pizza.  Toast until it is crisp but not brown.  Spread pizza sauce evenly and top with fresh garlic.  Next add cheese, meat and vegetables. Sprinkle with oregano and spray top with cooking spray.  Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese in bubbling.  Makes 1 pizza.  *Tip: save time by toasting the wraps while you are preparing your toppings!

Calories in 1 Pizza:
Approx. 170 cals for plain cheese; 200 cals for turkey pepperoni; 240 cals for 6 slices of lean ham deli meat & fresh onion

Recommended Serving Size:  2 Pizzas!!

Lean Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Wrap Recipe:
High in Protein & Fiber!  Quicker Than Fast Food & Cheaper Too!

1 small wrap

1 stick of cheese

3 egg whites

1/2 of an egg yolk

4 slices of lean ham deli meat

salt & pepper (optional)

Olive Oil Cooking Spray (optional)

Heat oven to 350 degrees; spray the bottom of the wrap bread and Lay wrap on non-stick cookie sheet. Toast the wrap until it is crisp but not brown.  Separate eggs and scramble.  Warm ham in the pan used to prepare eggs.  Add cooked eggs, ham and shredded cheese stick to the toasted wrap.  Wrap sandwich in foil and bake for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese in bubbling.

Calories in 1 Sandwich:
  Approx. 250 cals

Quick & Simple Lunch Wrap Sandwich Recipe:

1 small wrap

4 slices of lean ham deli meat

1 stick of Swiss cheese

red onion

baby arugula

Tip! To travel with my lunch, I wrap the lean ham, Swiss cheese red onion in the wrap bread. And I place the baby arugula in a re-sealable plastic bag. When I am ready for lunch, I place the wrap into the microwave for 60 - 90 seconds, and once the cheese has melted, I place the arugula in the wrap. But you may enjoy it cold as well. I just prefer hot sandwiches.

Calories in 1 Sandwich: 
220 cals

Recommended Serving Size: 
2 Sandwiches!!

Trust me. This wrap bread is amazing. I love it. And now my family and friends love it too! Try it for yourself and let me and the members of THayesFitness know if you discover any new recipes the include the wrap bread.

You may visit the website for purchase information.

And No Worries!

I have not forgotten about the members of THayesFitness who love dessert.

I have just found the most amazingly tasty and simple dessert. And it only has 150 calories. But guess what? They don't use fake chocolate or tricks to keep the calories low. They just make the portions small. But the portion is actually just enough. Ok. Enough build up  :)

Betty Crocker Warm Delights - 150 Calorie Minis - Available in three tasty flavors —— Molten Chocolate Cake, Molten Caramel Cake and Chocolate Raspberry Decadence.

Now what makes this amazing, is the fact that you cook it in the microwave, and in 30 seconds you actually have a hot, TASTY mini dessert. Try it!

I have lots of meal suggestions.  And it will take me some time to compile them all.  But here I am sharing just a few of my favorite examples!

First of all you can check the food Network online at there you can browse through multitudes of recipes with calorie counts provided and you can even search via ingredients you have on hand.  Check out the Get Healthy Section :

But I also suggest Tyson's ready to eat rotisserie chicken.  It comes as a whole chicken, but you can also purchase it in pieces.  (the breast is very low in calories even with the skin.)  To that you can just add a frozen veggie or a salad.  This makes an easy filling meal.  And the kids may love it if the veggie is frozen broccoli and cheese, which is one of my favs.

You can also use the Tyson's chicken to create meals 

For instance I will take the Tyson's chicken and bake it with my favorite marinara sauce.  To this I add a can of french cut string beans (low sodium preferred).  An believe it or not but when eaten together the french cut string beans remind you of pasta because of the texture.  And the taste is out of this world.  I'm sure your whole family will love it.  SO of course you can use this chicken as a base for many other dishes, teriyaki, good old fashion BBQ (choose sauce low in sugar), just browse the marinade isle at the grocery store and let your imagination run wild.

As you know I love pizza myself, and I have found that one can make a delicious healthy pizza at home

If you don't like wrap bread, try Thomas' Whole Grain English Muffins (Remember!  When choosing a bread, make sure it reads wheat or whole grain near the top of the ingredient list.  These muffins have 8 grams of fiber in each muffin, and fiber is what makes us feel full!) They also only have 100 calories per muffin. 

Adding your favorite marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese stick, and some toppings, I like onions, green peppers, and lean ham makes a good meat topping if you prefer to have meat on your pizza.  And I love turkey pepperoni!  it taste exactly like traditional pepperoni.  And it is very lean and low in calories.  These are just my preferred toppings, you can substitute what ever you and your family prefer. 

* The important part of my recipe is the Prep Work.  By slicing the english muffins and spraying them lightly with Extra Virgin Olive oil on both the top of the muffin as well as the bottom of the cookie sheet, you ensure a crisp pizza-like crust as apposed to a soft muffin feel.  SO then I place a couple of table spoons of sauce on each pizza, then place a 3-4 slices of fresh garlic on top of the sauce, next layer a small amount of cheese(keep the amount small as you will add a little more later), followed by the toppings and then add a little more cheese to seal in the toppings.  Finally spray lightly with a Extra Virgin Olive oil, and place in the oven (that has been pre-heated to 375 degrees) until the cheese in melted and bubbling.  You can serve one (when split is actually two mini pizzas) with a side salad of fresh arugula and a light Italian vinegarette.  Or you can even eat two (4 mini pizzas as the calorie count is still low enough) But I'm sure you will find the pizza very filling due to the high fiber count.  This recipe can be fun to involve the kids for the assembling of the pizzas.  They will never know how healthy it all is. ;-)

And though I'm not big on sweets, some time you need a sweet fix.
I love Pudge Free Brownie Mix ) I find it here at Whole Foods & Trader Joe's, but you can check for where to find it in your area via this link:

This brownie mix only requires you to add fat free yogurt, and it is low in calories, but it does NOT taste fake or light at all.  However if you may want to add no more than a half a cup of chocolate chips to the mix to make it just a tad better.  But it is by far the best reduced fat sweets I have ever tasted, because it doesn't taste reduced at all.  Not one bit, I swear.  Matter of fact I was introduced to this by my good friend, who made a batch of the brownies for my birthday, as she knew I was watching my diet.  I was shocked when she revealed that they were healthy brownies.  I never would have guessed by tasting them.  You can also make other treats with the mix. 

Find More Brownie Recipes via this link:




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