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"Taisha's own personal history is testimony to her hard work and dedication.
She of course brings these qualities to working with clients. But even
more, she brings compassion and sympathy -- and a willingness and ability to
carefully tailor the program to the client's individual needs. I travel a
great deal, and Taisha has therefore emphasized exercises that don't require
gym equipment. In short, a thoroughly professional trainer and a wonderful,
wonderful person."



Dear Taisha,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the workouts we started in mid-January.  You have me doing things I would never even think to do for myself.  While I don’t exactly enjoy working so hard, I have achieved some true rewards.  My goal was not to lose weight (although that would not be a bad thing).   I wanted most of all to improve my overall strength and balance and, especially, improve a relatively weak right leg and strengthen the muscles around my very creaky knees.  I am delighted to report noticeable improvement.  I can now go up and down steps completely under my own power (no hauling myself up by the banister) and with less pain — sometimes no pain.  I can also step off the curb and actually bend my knee enough to touch the street with my foot — rather than launching myself into space and hoping for the best.  These may seem like very small things, but they mean a lot to me.  Thank you.

Elinor V.


Just had an excellent [personal] training session with Taisha Hayes - she was extremely personable and professional and pleasant!!!  She tailored the session to my needs - it was perfect!

Jennett Daniel


 "Taisha is a pleasure to work with.  She listened to my needs and then helped me strengthen my back to avoid further injuries from heavy lifting.  I was very satisfied with the results.  She is also a very nice person, and I enjoyed spending time with her."



Taisha Hayes is wonderful! My severely arthritic knees almost never hurt any more thanks to Taisha's tailored workout regime. Taisha listened to me when I explained my knees, and what they could and could not do. Her workout plan took all of this into account. I like Taisha's concentration on core strength. My stomach is flatter even though I haven't lost any weight. I know this sounds like an advertisement but I have more energy too. All in all my life has greatly improved since I started working with Taisha about eight months ago.



I was extremely pleased with my sessions with Taisha who taught me exercises I had not thought of doing an enhanced my overall program and overall fitness.  I am on my way to losing weight and being more fit and appreciate all her suggestions.  Taisha is also very friendly, professional and personable and does not chew gum while she talks to you.  (I find it an important part of being a professional.)



Taisha is a gentle but firm motivator, who knows what she's doing.     

Several times I've cramped up, and she's known exactly how to de-cramp the offending muscle immediately. 
I look forward to working with her again, soon.

/Susan Ikenberry


Training with Taisha was a pleasure.  I wanted to increase my stamina after chemotherapy and radiation from cancer.  Taisha worked with me and helped me rebuild my strength.  I continue to perform the exercises she recommended.  She's a delight.  

Peg L.


Before we met I barley did any exercise or any other form of physical activity. When we had our very first session I could barley do a stomach crunch now I can do at least 12! In addition I even started taking up cycling classes again. When I feel like I can't continue or I'm at  my lowest point you always push and encourage me to continue. I look forward to many future workouts with you and the progress and success that will come along with it.
Andrea C.


Taisha, I have enjoyed working with you. I think your exercise and weight routine is perfect. I also appreciate your sensitivity to my foot when I sprained it. Let's keep up the good work!

Mary Creed Cunningham
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