The 130lb Weight Loss Story: It Worked For Me & It Will Work For YOU!
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The 130lb Weight Loss Story ~ It Worked For Me!  And It Will Work For YOU Too!

Exercise does not have to be awful and/or boring!
You can find interesting and Yes, even Fun ways to Exercise!
As some of you may already know, I began with a 30 minute Tae-bo exercise video.  I chose Tae-bo, because of a previous self-defense class I had taken in college and I it was very apparent that people that participated in Tae-bo, were very excited and happy during the work out.  So, I figured I could give it a try for 30 minutes.  I did find it to be an interesting exercise routine to learn and it was a fun way to work out my aggression and reinforce my self-defense skills, while burning calories.  I continued Tae-bo until I bored of it, than I began to try different work outs options until I found something else that held my interest as much.
This led me to try long walks with 5 pound ankle weights, belly dance videos, local boot camp classes and videos, hip hop aerobic videos, Pilate's videos{there are many Free exercise video options available via Comcast OnDemand}, Carmen Electra's aerobic strip tease DVDs, the elliptical machine, hiking, the stair master machine, treadmill, recumbent bike and weight training with free weights at home.
All of which were interesting for at least some length of time.  And some that I have grown to truly enjoy.  
The point is that Whenever I get Bored with exercise, I Change my exercise routine.
Never working out is Not an option.
Experiment with as many different exercise options as you need to find one(s) that you can enjoy.
Remember to take your time!  And Forgive yourself if you miss a workout or even a few workouts.
You will be working out on a regular basis for the rest of your Healthy Life
{if you want to keep the weight off and stay healthy for the rest of your life.}
You have all of the time in the World to find exercise you enjoy!
And you Can!  I Promise!
Find more information, tips, motivation and my blue print to weight loss success in the THayesFitness Calendar!

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